Trump Ordained By God? Why It Is Important To Keep Church And State Separate


The idea that Trump was chosen by God to lead the US in this day and age is nothing new in the evangelical world. Come this October 2 and 4, a movie is scheduled to be released about how the current president of the United States of America was chosen by God.

See the video for more details:

This notion is bringing back the “okay” for the church and the state to be meddling in each others affairs. The nation (US), even other nations as an example, have gone far away from the principles of the Bible that to “make America great again” even the world great again, the nation(s) need to get back to the principles of God/Bible.

That is amazing. Any nation, that is lead by people that are driven by the true principles of the Bible and the God of heaven will be a prosperous nation. However, it is very important to note that any nation that is lead by people who are driven by false principles of the Bible and lead by a false God or someone who falsely represents God, will result in widespread apostasy, compromise and persecution.

History seems to always repeat itself. If we do not remember it and learn from history, we are bound to repeat it.

Why it is important to separate church and state

When the church gets into the state’s (a country’s) affairs, two things normally happen, compromise and persecution.

Compromise: The principles of the Bible gets compromised for the acceptance of popular culture/practices, with an appeal for would be converts to come in the church and be accepted on common beliefs, without loving reproof for unsound doctrine. We see that this has happened when Emperor Constantine was converted and Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire and various pagan practices entered in the early church and has only grown since (Christianity’s Pagan Roots). This happened as a means to appeal to the lifestyle/culture of the people and not reproving them for their pagan practices that were ultimately infused in the church, thus apostasy occurred among some of the true believers (embracing an opinion contrary to one’s previous beliefs).

Persecution: The second thing that occurs is persecution. In a quick rundown of the history of the early church, the book the Great Controversy outlines in Chapters 2 and 3 Persecution in the First Centuries and An Era of Spiritual Darkness how compromise entered into the Christian church and the persecution that followed the believers who weren’t willing to.

Christians were forced to choose either to yield their integrity and accept the papal ceremonies and worship, or to wear away their lives in dungeons or suffer death by the rack, the fagot, or the headsman’s ax (GC pg 54)

Recommended Reading: The Great Controversy (Chapter 2 & 3) or listen to the audio here.

It is very important that we should pray for our nation, whichever country we live, (2 Chronicles 7:14). However, it is equally important that the church as an organization be separate from the state. In so doing, freedom of religion will be upheld, giving people a right to choose just as our loving God has done for us. (giving us the ability to choose Him or not, as that is the true essence of love, choice)

Unfortunately the USA will allow itself to be led by the Papacy in the near future. And the marriage of church and state will once again become a reality, and the whole world will follow (it is prophesied in the bible and it is sure to happen). Watch this powerful documentary for more information.

Until then, continue to grow your faith in Christ, so that when the test comes to choose God’s commands over man’s traditions you will be able stand and say NO to compromise and YES to the one true living God of heaven and earth, Elohim.



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