How To Get Extra Oil – Part 3

how to care

We are at the final installment in this three part series.

We have seen the importance of having Extra Oil for our soul’s salvation in these last days. See Part 1 for more details.

We have also seen the importance of investing the treasures of the kingdom and the danger of not investing. See Part 2 for more details.


We know what we need: Extra Oil

We know what we have: Oil and the treasure of the kingdom of heaven

We know how to get Extra Oil: Through investment of the treasure of the kingdom of heaven

Now we are going to find out what to invest in.Reference Matthew 25:31-46 (Parable of the Sheep and the Goats)

The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats Explained:

Jesus begins this parable by saying “When the Son of Man shall come in all His glory”, no more the kingdom of heaven is likened unto. This time all has been finished and rewards are to handed out to the faithful and sentencing for the unfaithful.

All nations stand before his throne and they are split up into two groups.

One group on the left of the throne and the other on the right. The group on the left are called goats. The group on the right are called sheep.

The group on the right are told by the King (Jesus) that they are blessed of His Father, and they should come and inherit the kingdom of heaven prepared for them. They are rewarded. They are given the gift of eternal life and the joy of heaven.

They are then told why they are given this ultimate reward.

They were told that they were people who cared for Jesus, feeding him when he was hungry, giving him drink when he was thirsty, providing clothing when he needed it.

They replied confused saying Lord when did we see you in need and met those needs?

The Lord then replies that what you did for the least of these my brethren you did it unto me.

The King then addressed the group on the left. Pronouncing a damning judgement upon them. “Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire”

The reason for this He then explained to them. In contrast to the group on the right (sheep), the group on the left (goats) did NOT care for Jesus.

They too replied as they didn’t understand why Jesus said what he said.

The Lord then replies that what you did NOT do for the least of these my brethren you did it NOT unto me. They then went away into everlasting punishment.

The Parable Analyzed:

Remember that there is a lot that can be analyzed from this parable. We are focusing our analysis to answer the question: What must we invest the treasures of heaven in?

After reading the above we see that, Jesus returns and judgement is being pronounced, the group of people that were called “Blessed of my Father” They are:

  • Rewarded with Eternal Life (verse 46)
  • Inherit the kingdom of heaven, prepared for them (verse 34)
  • They had a Love for Jesus, as they cared for Him (verse 35-36)
  • They had a Love for people, as they cared for them (verse 40)

The other group (Goats):

  • Received eternal punishment (verse 46)
  • Receive the punishment of hell fire (verse 41)
  • They did Not have true love Jesus, as they cared NOT for Him (verse 42-43)
  • They did Not have true love for people, as they cared NOT for them (verse 45)

In this parable we see that the deciding factor for eternal life or eternal damnation is hinged on the care for People. “The least of these my brethren”, means people who are in great need.

volunteer helping

Therefore, the answer to the question of what we must invest in, is: People.

This parable’s underlying message is a call to MISSION WORK. To give caring attention to the following both in a Spiritual sense and a Physical sense:

  • Hungry
  • Thirsty
  • Stranger
  • Naked
  • Sick
  • Prisoners

Let’s sum it all up

All 3 parables of Matthew 25 speaks of the second coming of Jesus Christ. In all three parables we see a trend. Reward for the righteous, Judgement for the wicked. In addition to that, these people who were referred to in these parables are people who had a “knowledge of Jesus”

Virgins knew the Bridgeroom (Jesus)

Servants knew the Master (Jesus)

Sheep and the Goats knew the King (Jesus)

There were faithful and unfaithful among these three groups.

Question is, which of the groups do you belong?

How do we get extra oil? How do we get an excess measure of the Holy Spirit?

  1. Realize that upon giving our lives to Jesus we were given two things: A measure of the Holy Spirit. This is our oil. The treasure of the kingdom of heaven. This is the Gospel Message.
  2. Realize that to get more oisl, we must invest the treasure of the kingdom of heaven (Gospel Message). In doing this, our treasure will multiply, more light will be revealed to us and our faith will grow. It is through this investment we will realize our need to seek the person who is responsible to multiply this treasure (the Holy Spirit). The more we ask for Spirit the more it will be given to us. No one makes an investment expecting a loss.
  3. This investment must be made in People (Mission Work and Personal Evangelism). Thus, fulfilling the Gospel commission.

In realizing and doing these things earnestly, with complete surrender to Christ, getting Extra Oil is guaranteed.

This matter of Extra Oil, this excess measure of the Holy Spirit, is what will determine our eternal destiny in these last days.

Get Extra Oil today! it could mean for you, eternal life or eternal damnation.

This post was inspired by Jon Wood from Jesus for Asia


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