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Five Wise Virgins is an online Christian ministry geared with a mission to warn and prepare a dying world for the second coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ by the presentation of articles, resources and prophetic news that is geared to help our readers to grow their faith in God. The core principle of this ministry is taken from the parable of the Ten Virgins in Matthew 25, with primary focus on the Five that were wise. The five wise virgins were ready for the coming of the bridegroom. So too, must we be ready for the second advent of Jesus.

Most of our content has three categories: Grow Your Faith, Prophecy In The News, Probation Closure.

Grow Your Faith shows:

Information, resources and material on how to achieve a closer relationship with Jesus. It outlines resources we need to help us to be successful on our earthly probation, preparing for life eternal permanently in heaven. Persons who will experience this glory, will be ready for His second advent.

Prophecy In The News shows:

News, current events and articles that relate to where we are on the prophetic timeline and what is up next. Signifying that human probation is soon to close. Signs of the times will also be highlighted under this category.

OBJECTIVE – make readers aware of what is happening as it relates to present truth and current prophetic events, so that the upcoming crisis doesn’t come upon us unaware and unprepared.

Probation Closure shows:

News, and current events that relate to catastrophes, calamities, natural disasters, disease outbreaks etc. that leads to casualties. Signifying the close of their probation.

OBJECTIVE – to remind readers that death is inevitable and the time is unknown. This should prompt readers to recognize their need to always be in a state of readiness (by seeking the Lord daily) for life to end, as upon death probation closes.